Stop Nail Biting Today!

Can’t Stop Biting Your Nails?

If you’ve been plauged with the nasty habit of biting your nails for years?  Join the club!  There are hundreds of thousands of people around the work who also suffer from the terrible habit of nail biting.

Don’t worry, there is hope!

I’m 27 years old and I’ve been biting my nails every since I can remember.  I’ve tried, on many occasions, to stop biting my nails but nothing would work.

I recently tried a new product out called mavala stop.  So far it’s a bit shy of 2 weeks and my nails look great.  They are longer than they have ever been, my cuticles are healthy and not all torn up, and my hands look great in general.

I’m extremely excited about the results so far, it’s really helping my confidence and how I feel.   I’m extremely excited to have found some nail biting remedies that actually worked and are easy to follow through with.

I will keep everyone updated as to how the next couple weeks or so.  Also, I will be adding some before/after pics to share my progress.

Also, check out the nail biting webmd for some more interesting facts and details about nail biting.


December 30, 2013 Uncategorized